With other projects taking more and more of my focus, I’m afraid I have to cancel regular Spurs and Seraphim updates.

I will continue working on the story when I can, and will resume posting when the entire book is complete, but unfortunately I am unable to tell when that will be.

Sorry for the false start, and thanks for reading!


Angels don’t much like facing their own mortality. When The Gunsmith started making guns whose bullets could kill Angels, they decided to cut a deal; one wish for every bullet spent not killing them.

Now that The Gunsmith has found himself on the wrong side of a bounty hunter with a chip on her shoulder, his four-hundred ninety “Heavenlies” are what you might call a hot commodity. The only place you can find ’em nowadays is out in the far west, in the city of Angeltomb…and you’ll only be given one if you’re one of the righteous few willing to be patient as the council reviews your case.

That new Gunslinger in town, though, don’t seem the righteous or the patient sort.